Tips for requesting fake nudes

Useful tips for your fake nudes request

1. Send as many photos as possible!

Always try to provide as many photos of the girl as you can find. This gives us a better idea of how she looks, which helps in creating the most realistic fake nude as possible. It's often hard to base on just a single image. Moreover, if you provide multiple pictures we can select the one that would work best for your fake nude.

tip for requests fake nudes

2. Non-obstructed faces

Fake nudes look best if we can use photos in which her face is clearly visible. Other persons or objects shouldn't block her and her head shouldn't be cut off from the photo. It's also better to avoid pictures in which she is wearing accessoires, like a hat, cap or sunglasses. And last but not least, try to make sure her hair isn't covering her face too much as well.
Tips for requesting fake nudes

3. High res photos work best

Try to submit photos that are of the highest quality possible so we can create clear and sharp fake nudes. Unless you like an "amateur/home made style" of course, in that case it won't be a problem to deliver blurry pictures. Also try to to go for photos that aren't filtered, by Instagram for example. If you're trying to save a photo from Instagram, you can read our article on how to do so in the highest resolution as possible.

tip for requests fake nudes

4. Be clear in your request

If you have any preferences for your fake request, (for example about her boob/nipple size or pubic hair), make sure to ask for it beforehand. Otherwise we will go with the type that looks most natural for her body. We can't guess everyones preferences, so it's important to clearly formulate your wishes. Additional costs may apply though, so only ask for things if they really matter to you. Moreover, we can do fake nudes in 3 different ways; body swaps, x-ray fakes and cloth removal. By default we will go with the first option, so please be sure to specify it if you'd like a different type of fake nude.

Tips for requesting fake nudes

5. Don't be too specific

It's okay to request specific details if they are truly important to you, but don't overdo it. For example you could ask for a specific sexual position or a specific location for your fake. That wouldn't be a problem. We don't recommend going into too much details though, because this will limit our options which may harm the results. But don't worry, we will warn you about this if we feel it could lead to a less convincing fake nude.tip for requests fake nudes

If you have any further questions, feel free to send us a message!