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Pregnancy Fakes

Pregnancy Fakes

With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it to be appropriate to dedicate a list to a very popular fetish: pregnancy fakes! It’s no secret that a lot of men harbor a fetish for pregnant girls. The search term “pregnant” is even in the top 100 of most popular porn searches nowadays. For all of you who enjoy this particular niche, we present a couple of pregnancy fakes of celebrities who have not yet turned into a MILF.

Pregnancy Fakes

When a highly pregnant, naked Demi Moore posed for the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991, she probably had no idea that she was starting a very popular trend. Her photoshoot marked the start of an era in which pregnancy is seen as glamorous and erotic. A lot of celebrities have since then followed in her footsteps to do nude photoshoots while pregnant. Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, Claudia Schiffer, Nia Long, Jessica Simpson and Beyoncé, to name a few. Being pregnant has officially become sexy. Plus it's no secret that pregnancy can spark a period of increased sexual interest for the mother-to-be. And there is nothing we like more than an uncontrollably horny woman, right?!

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5. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne Fake Nudes

We kick off our list of Pregnancy Fakes with one of the hottest up and coming stars in the world today. Bella Thorne is just twenty years young at this time, which means chances we get to see her with a big, pregnant belly anytime soon are slim. Luckily we can speed up the desire for a nude pregnancy shot by creating hot Bella Thorne fakes!

4. Taylor Swift

Pregnancy Fakes

Taylor Swift is perhaps best known for one thing: she's dated basically every guy in Hollywood there is. And one thing is for sure, she's not going to settle down anytime soon. That means it could take a while before we get to see the super hot singer committing herself to motherhood – if it's ever going to happen at all. Luckily, we can always make the wish come true by providing you with hot Taylor Swift fake nudes!

3. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Fake Nudes

Now here's one girl who definitely isn't ashamed of showing of her body, although we don't expect to see her with a bloated belly in the near future. Miley Cyrus has a reputation for shocking the world. So for this fake, we had to honor Miley's love for controversy  by adding a special, extra vulgar touch to it. Getting knocked up during a gangbang, that's a fantasy that fits this naughty chick perfectly!

2. Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Fake Nudes

The Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot is most famous for her roles in Fast and the Furious, and Wonder Woman. Based on her action oriented movie schedule, a short-term pregnancy would seem very unlikely. We decided to speed up the process and create a sexy Gal Gadot fake nude pregnancy shot. She looks like she's going to burst any minute!

1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone Fake Nudes

We started the list with a redhead, end we're ending it with one as well. Emma Stone grabs the top spot in our list of Pregnancy Fakes. Emma is one of the most sexy celebrities on the planet. It's no surprise our fakers get requested to create Emma Stone fake nudes dozens of times each month. Which guy wouldn't dream about knocking up this cute, quirky actress?


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