Fake Nudes FAQ


Thanks for visiting FakeNudePictures.com. Please consult the FAQ below for all questions you may have concerning our services. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

Q. What are "fake nudes"?

A. A fake nude is exactly what the term implies: a nude image of someone that is not real. Usually this involves taking someone's face from a picture and Photoshopping it onto the naked body of someone else, or even into a porn scene.

Q. What are "face swaps"?

A. A face swap is the technique of taking someones face from a photo and putting it onto a different body. It's the general practice for creating fake nudes, although we can provide different services as well.

Q. What services does FNP provide?

A. Through fakenudepictures.com (FNP) you can file adult oriented Photoshop requests. Your request will automatically be forwarded to a "faker", a Photoshop expert that is specialized in creating fake images. The fakers that signup with FNP are specialized in erotic image editing, or creating so-called fake nudes. The fakers operate independently, FNP does not monitor or interfere with the process.

Q. How does ordering a fake nude work?

A. Requests for a fake can be made by filling in the contact form. Submitted requests will get assigned to one of our available fakers, or you can select to have your request handled by a specific faker. The faker reviews the request and will get in touch with you by email. You'll be informed about the corresponding price and estimated production time. You can then decide if you'd like to hire the faker to create your art work.

Q. How long does it take to create my fake nude request?

A. By default fakes are delivered within 5 business days. But if you like you can order a faster turnaround service.

Q. Can I contact a faker anonymously?

A. You can remain anonymously, you only need a working email address to get in touch with a faker. We advise to not use a disposable email address though, because that way your message may end up in a spam folder. Our fakers take their work and your privacy seriously and will never disclose any information.

Q. How is my artwork delivered?

A. Your image(s) will be send to you through a download link.

Q. What is the price for a fake?

A. Rates depend on the specifics of the request. If you submit your request through the online form, you wil see an estimated price for your commission based upon the options you've included. The faker will always send you a non-obligated quote before starting the work.

Q. Can I deliver a body shot myself?

A. Yes, you can provide us your own preferred body shot. The faker will try to match the pictures as good as possible. If the body shot you provided won't provide a good match, you'll be informed about the issues and the faker will give advice on how to proceed.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

A. Most fakers accept payment through PayPal / Epoch, credit cards and debit cards, or bank transfer.

Q. Will the fakes be published online?

A. Absolutely not! We highly value privacy and will never share or publish any photos you submit. We will never distribute the original pictures nor any fakes based on them. After the faker has fulfilled your request he will permanently delete all images you have sent and the fake(s) that have been created with them.

Q. Can I receive a preview first?

A. No, the fakers don't create any previews. Creating a high quality fake nude takes a lot of time, and a preview isn't done within a few minutes. Before the faker can start the actual Photoshop process, he/she first has to spend a lot of time and effort into finding the right resources to use. This could mean that they have already spent a good amount of time on the project before there will be any actual results visible. You can browse through the sample work on this site to get a good idea of the quality you can expect.

Q. Can I request a specific faker to handle my commission?

A. Yes, you can select your preferred artist. He or she will contact you privately.

Q. Who can I request to receive a fake nude of?

A. Our fakers handle a fake request of any female (girls and women). Every person has to be (and look like) 18+ in the photos you submit. If someone is of questionable age in the picture, your request will get rejected.

Q. What kind of fake porn pics can be created?

A. Almost everything you desire is possible! You can see whoever you want fulfilling your darkest fantasies. For example:

  • Posing nude
  • Hardcore fucking
  • Cumshot / facial / bukkake
  • Anal sex
  • Blowjob
  • Handjob
  • BDSM
  • Gang-bang
  • Footjob / foot fetish
  • Lesbian sex
  • Gay sex
  • Interracial sex
  • Topless
  • Bottomless
  • Anime / Cartoons
  • Golden shower
  • Fantasy porn
  • Real tentacle porn

And many more! However, we can't accept any beastiality, scat or mutilation requests.

Q. In an X-Ray fake, will you be able to see the girl's own breasts and vagina?

A. It depends. Sometimes it's possible to make the girl's own private parts shine through the clothing, or parts. But the pictures that lend itself for this are rare. Usually it will be a manipulated result.

Q. Can I add my own cock in a cumshot scene?

A. Yes, if desired the faker can add your own cock into the scene.

Q. Can multiple girls be faked into the same scene?

A. We usually don't recommend it, as this often hurts the overall quality. But you're free to discuss the idea with the faker, and he/she will give you professional advice and discuss with you the possibilities.

Q. Can a guy be Photoshopped into the scene, as if it looks he's having sex with the girl?

A. Technically it's possible, but it's heavily depending upon the materials you are able to provide. We recommend discussing the idea with the faker to receive professional advice. He or she can inform you what materials would be needed to make it happen.

Q. What do I need to keep in mind when submitting a picture?

A. The quality of the fake is heavily dependent upon the picture(s) you provide. Here are a few pinpoints for selecting a photo:

  • The higher the resolution, the better.
  • Make sure her face isn't covered.
  • The photo shouldn't be too dark or blurry.
  • If you want a full frontal nude, submit a picture of her whole body.
  • Submit multiple pictures, so the faker can pick the best one.

You can read into more detail about our tips here.

Q. Can I request changes to be made to a finished fake?

A. If you want this option you can include it in your request submission. If included, you can request 1 minor adjustment to a finished piece. Examples of minor adjustments are removing a belly button piercing, or making the scene a bit brighter. Major changes that would require a complete overhaul or a new base photo are not possible to implement. Changing her boob size or pose, for example, are considered major adjustments that can't be done afterwards.

Q. What if I don't like the fake?

A. We only work with highly professional and experienced faker artists to ensure the highest quality possible. But since art is subjective to the viewer, it's impossible to make any guarantees you will be satisfied by the end result. Due to the nature of the work, we are not able to provide any refunds. We recommend browsing through our portfolio to get a good idea of the quality you can expect.

Q. Can I submit any requirements that I want to be included in the fake?

A. Yes, you are able to include a specific requirement for your image. We usually allow up to 1 specific requirement per piece, because adding too many restrictions could hurt the overall quality. If you really need more elements included, you can discuss the possibilities with the faker.

Q. I want my fake to be done in a specific style, is this possible?

A. Yes. Your fake can be created in any style you'd like, for example:

  • Artistic, glamorous fakes
  • Destroyed, "used look" fakes
  • POV-style fakes
  • Amateur style fakes
  • Voyeur style fakes
  • Snapchat or Instagram style fakes
  • Selfie style fakes
  • Camgirl style fakes
  • DVD/Magazine cover fakes

Q. What resolution will my fake be?

A. This depends on the photos you provide. If your photos are good enough, our fakers will aim to deliver an image that has a height or width of at least 1000 pixels. If your pictures are small and low res, they can't make a bigger image out of it than it already is though.

Q. Does she have to be naked in the fake?

A. No. If you'd like the faker to create a fake that doesn't feature someone nude, that's perfectly fine too. For example if you want to see someone in a specific outfit, that can be created that as well. Or perhaps you just want to see her feet, or other body part. Whatever you desire!

Q. Is my personal data safe?

A. Yes. Privacy is important to us. All requests are handled 100% discretely. Your requests are directly forwarded to a faker, FNP does not monitor or interfere with it. Images you upload through the website will be deleted automatically after seven days. The fakers will delete all email correspondence and materials after the request has been fulfilled.

Q. Do I need permission from the girl to have a fake nude of her created?

A. You should not deliver any content that could infringe copyrights, rights of privacy or other intellectual property rights without the permission of the owner of these rights and the persons who are shown in the material. However, it's your own responsibility to comply to this. FNP is not responsible for, and does not review or comment on the content of requests.

Q. Can I share a fake nude I received?

A. No. The pictures should only be used for your own entertainment. You may not distribute them or share them in any way. By having a faker create a custom fake picture you accept the risks and responsibility for all losses, damages, costs or other consequences resulting from how you might (mis)use the fake picture. You are responsible for your own actions!


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