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Costume Fake Nudes for Halloween

Costume Fake Nudes

Halloween is nearly upon us —the night when a large number of girls finally have an excuse to dress like a slut. For one night we get to enjoy how even the most innocent girls dress up in outrageously gorgeous, sexy and slutty costumes. To celebrate the occasion we have put together a selection of Halloween themed celebrity fakes we created. These sexy costume fake nudes will turn your Halloween in a frightfully delightful night!

Costume Fake Nudes

Are you just dying to see see the hot girl next door in a sexy, slutty Halloween costume? You don't have to wait for the 31st of October for that to happen! We create costume fake nudes on request, we can even have her wear whatever outfit you'd like. Perhaps you'd like to see her as an innocent schoolgirl, sexy teacher, dominant mistress or a virtuous bride? We are specialised in creating costume fake nudes, cosplay fakes and uniform fakes. Do you have a baby fetish? We'll put her in diapers! Do you like fur? Then we'll have her wear a nice and warm fur coat. Nothing is too crazy for our team of fakers. Just tell us how you'd like to see her and we create your fake nude request!

Clothing Fetish Fakes

If you have a clothing fetish, we can create a fake nude of her wearing a specific piece of clothing as well. For example, we Photoshop a lot of latex fakes. So if you like to see someone you know in tight rubber, we can make that happen. If you are more of a leg person, we can also create fake nudes of girls in stockings, sneakers, socks or boots. All your wardrobe fantasies are welcome!

Katy Perry – Deadly Vampire

Katy Perry Fake Nude

Katy Perry is one of the most requested celebrities on our site. Her big, busty boobs are just phenomenal, so they play the lead role in this fake nude we created. I'd love to see her as a slutty vampire, because she really gets my blood going. She may definitely put her teeth in me!

Scarlett Johansson – Dirty Maid

Scarlett Johansson Fake Nude

Scarlett Johansson, I can't keep track of the amount of fakes we created of her anymore. She's one of the most requested celebrities ever, and I definitely understand why. For Halloween we'd love to see her in a maid outfit, that really emphasizes her beautiful boobs. It's time to clean up girl!

Angelina Jolie - Sexy Nurse

Angelina Jolie Fake Nude

Angelina Jolie, what outfit doesn't look good on her? We aren't requested to fake her that often anymore, but personally we still think she's one of the most beautiful women around. Our fantasy for this Halloween would be to see her dressed as a sexy, slutty nurse so she can take good care of us!

Kaley Cuoco – Naughty Kitten

Kaley Cuoco Fake Nude

Kaley Cuoco, this beautifully big busted blonde would make a great pussy cat. This fake nude was requested by one of our Patreon followers, and we're very happy for this great suggestion. I'll gladly give Kaley Cuoco some milk and make her pur!

Emma Watson – Super Heroin

Emma Watson Fake Nude

Emma Watson, I'll never forget how stunning she looked in her dress from Beauty and the Beast. I couldn't imagine a more fitting actress for the role. Our suggestion for her Halloween outfit: a super heroin. Some costume fake nudes like this one are subtle and not very explicit, but still very sexy. She can save me any day!

Ariana Grande – Cute Pikachu

Ariana Grande Fake Nude

Ariana Grande, this hot teen star just loves to wear hoodies, so we just had to create a fake nude of her wearing one. We have seen her in all kinds of crazy fetish outfits, even on stage. But for this Halloween we'd love to see her dressed up as a sexy Pikachu, because this girl is a real catch!

Selena Gomez – Dominant Cop

Selena Gomez Fake Nude

Selena Gomez, such a gorgeous teen star. But although she looks cute and innocent, I'm sure you can't mess around with this girl. Our Halloween fantasy of her would be to see her as a sexy cop, as you can witness in this fake of her. She may definitely put those handcuffs on me!

Taylor Swift – Fierce Devil

Taylor Swift Fake Nude

Taylor Swift, I'll never forget how sexy she looked in her cheerleader outfit in the video clip Shake it Off. She's a fierce lady though, so my take on her Halloween appearance would be a naughty little devil costume. This hottie will definitely put anyone on fire!

Jennifer Lawrence – Magical Witch

Jennifer Lawrence Fake Nude

Oh Jennifer Lawrence, even if she'd be wearing a potato bag she'd still look stunning. In this fake nude I created you can see my suggestion for her Halloween outfit, a sexy witch. She definitely has me under her spell!

Bonus! Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene

Lauren Cohan Maggie Greene Fake Nude

Technically this isn't one of our costume fake nudes, but this fake of Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene from The Walking Dead fits perfectly for Halloween. Plus the season is about to continue. We can't wait to see more of this gorgeous lady!


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