Pregnancy Fakes

Pregnancy Fakes

With Mother’s Day coming up, we thought it to be appropriate to dedicate a list to a very popular fetish: pregnancy fakes! It’s no secret that a lot of men harbor a fetish for pregnant girls. The search term “pregnant” […]

Playboy Bunny Fakes

Playboy Bunny Fakes

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner once explained that he chose a rabbit as their mascot,  because of the humorous sexual connotation. Because the one thing that rabbits excel at is fucking obviously! He decided to dress them up in a tuxedo to add […]

lingerie fakes

Sexy Lingerie Fakes

Love is in the air, because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To commemorate the day of love and passion, we put together a list of gorgeous celebrities presenting themselves in sexy lingerie. These drop-dead gorgeous women are sure […]

Christmas Fakes

Christmas Fakes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re feeling particularly festive at FNP! We have some presents for you – but, as you might expect, not the kind of presents that you’d normally open with your grandma on […]

Costume Fake Nudes

Costume Fake Nudes for Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us —the night when a large number of girls finally have an excuse to dress like a slut. For one night we get to enjoy how even the most innocent girls dress up in outrageously gorgeous, sexy […]

Face and Pussy Association Fakes

These are some fakes in a non-traditional way. Well, technically these aren’t even fake nudes at all. These “Face & Pussy” images work through the power of association. Instead of Photoshopping the girl naked, we have looked for a matching […]

game of thrones fake nudes

Game of Thrones Fakes

The HBO hit series Game of Thrones features a lot of gorgeous ladies. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing them completely naked, or even fucking in a hardcore scene? And even though there’s plenty of nudity in the series already, there’s always […]

Movie Character Fakes

Movie Character Fakes

Of course we can also turn your favorite fictional character nude. Sometimes it’s hotter to see a character displayed in her roll naked than the celebrity playing it. Tell us which character you’d like to see naked and we can create […]

mind control porn

Hypnosis / Mind Control Porn

We can put girls under hypnosis, or have them being mind controlled, so they do whatever they are told to do! We can Photoshop girls into mindless fuck slaves. With their blank, soulless eyes they obey every order. Do you […]

Fake Cocks

Girls With Fake Dicks

A very popular art genre in Japan is called “futanari”. This literally translates into “made of a pair”. Manga in this niche feature girls that have the characteristics of both sexes. In other words, girls with penises! Some people really […]

Photoshop Bubble Porn

Bubble Porn

Bubble Porn (also called Mormon Porn) is a technique that plays a trick on the mind. The idea is to put a “cheese-like” overlay on top a picture that conceals the pieces of clothing. This gives you the illusion that […]

instagram hack pictures

How To Save Instagram Pics In High Resolution

A good fake always starts with a good base photo. The better the quality of the original photo is, the better the fake will turn out. Therefor it’s important to send us photos in the highest resolution possible. When you’re hunting for […]

POV Fakes

POV Fakes

Some fakes in a different kind of way. Instead of turning these girls naked, we have only Photoshopped their hands on top of their photos. This creates the suggestion of pornographic scene in POV style. Despite not showing anything explicit, […]

Fake Boobs

Huge Fake Boobs

Who doesn’t like a pair of huge tits? These fakes show girls that were given a virtual boob job in Photoshop. They range from just a few cups bigger, to extremely huge monster boobs. Some fake boobs have become so […]

xray nudes

X-Ray Nudes

Sometimes girls are wearing such tight clothes, that it’s possible to reveal what’s underneath. When someone is wearing lingerie, a shirt without a bra, or a bathing suit for example, it’s easy to make her body shine through in Photoshop. […]